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Vehicle tracking installation guide


Before you install any vehicle tracking system firstly make sure that it is both insurance approved and that it is a recognised industry tracking device. Ask the company for some references of leading companies in Ireland that use the system. If they cannot produce examples or if they say we do not provide this for security reasons then steer clear.

One of the systems we recommend is Trackmatic they are reliable and have an excellent support backup.

Now that you have chosen your vehicle tracking provider you need to decide where to locate the tracker within the vehicle. Obviously we will always recommend getting a qualified vehicle audio and electrical installer to do this for you. Most modern vehicles have complex wiring systems and one wrong move could get you in hot water with a costly bill to pay.

Once you have decided on where to place the tracker then you need to prepare the vehicle for installation. Remember to place it where it cannot be found and if you need assistance then call us and we can guide you where to place it.

Once you have prepared the loom you then need to apply both double sided tape and secondary cable ties to the device and fit it with the label facing skyward. Don’t forget most GPS tracking devices that are of excellent quality will not require line of site for a GPS fix.

You need to now connect the 3 wire basic install which is Black, Red and White these being positive, negative and ignition sense. Once all lights are powered on make sure that they are behaving as they should.

Now that your device is connected then tidy up the relevant area and place any plastic back where it should be being careful not to damage any plastic.

If you would like more detailed information on tracking installation then call us here for a free guide on 053 9131464 or email the team and click contact us.


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Our entire team of engineers at Trackmatic are trained and approved. As field engineers for vehicle tracking systems we are approved by both insurance companies and leading tracking companies to install any vehicle tracker.


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