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Let innovation and growth go hand in hand, use the latest vehicle tracking devices to make a successful business


To have better controlof your business, it is imperative that you have the information. And when it comes to the logistics industry the need for the same is important and fleet managers are expected to be updated with the real-time location of their vehicles and those who are behind the wheels. No other device, except for GPS vehicle trackers can meet their requirements, and they are the one stop solution for all vehicle tracking requirements.

The impact of technology improvement and innovation has become a global necessity, and tracking devices are not an exception. Everyday there is new, updated and advanced tracking devices, or new solutions are launched in the market to ensure better safety, security and improved fleet operations. From productivity to profitability and cost saving to vehicle maintenance a single device is enough to take care of all the requirements of the business. So let's check the latest offerings of the vehicle tracking devices.

Vehicle Tracking - Live View.
Live GPS tracking devices are n the market to increase the profitability of the business along with protection of vehicles and drivers. The devices work straight from the box; that saves time as well as the device installation or fitting fees. The fleet managers are updated on vehicle position every 5 to 10 seconds. Live vehicle tracking allows the manager to track speed, direction of travel and ignition status of the vehicle. It allows the operators to view the movement of vehicles on their computer screen, and they can view the vehicles turn by turn. Managers can get idle time reports, start, stop reports and speed zone alerts.

Mobile tracking for mobile vehicles
Sitting behind a computer screen is somewhat cumbersome as well as boring for the fleet manager. And if not, operators may come across a situation when they have to leave their desk for one reason or another. Still, it is imperative for them to be updated of their vehicles on screen or off screen. The latest GPS tracking devices have mobile tracking features that allow the managers to keep updated on the current location of their vehicles. Live tracking devices can be tracked through an Apple iPhone, iPad, or even through a kindle. No matter, whether managers are in or out of office, the tracking will go on.

Vehicle Theft - Hard to achieve
Pirate policy if amended altogether still it is challenging to steal a vehicle. Modern GPS tracking devices have made vehicle theft almost impossible. Managers are in a position to monitor the vehicle turn for turn, and if they believe that the vehicle is stationary without any reason, they can immediately inform the police. The device has great capability to provide the where abouts of the vehicle even if the vehicle is undercover or in a warehouse.

Evaluate vehicle performance and driver skills
With the use of modern tracking devices, managers are in a position to evaluate the performance of the vehicle and driver behaviour. Vehicle performance if checked and evaluated can allow them to increase productivity and profitability. Training can be imparted to correct the behaviour of drivers and improve their driving.
Innovate your business with GPS tracking devices; they are easy to use, low in cost and are useful to all business sizes. Technology and marketing are evolving, join these two areas to evolve your business.


Nationwide Installation

Lynsco fleet was formed in 2009 and has grown to be one of the largest vehicle installations companies in Ireland. With more than thirty engineers we provide any install at anytime anywhere throughout Ireland.


Vehicle Tracking Systems

Our entire team of engineers at Trackmatic are trained and approved. As field engineers for vehicle tracking systems we are approved by both insurance companies and leading tracking companies to install any vehicle tracker.


Handsfree Phone Kits

Phone hands free kits are not just viewed as a luxury item anymore they are now a legal requirement and can help your drivers become more efficient and safer. Lynsco fleet is one of the largest suppliers

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