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Install a Tracking device to improve the safety of your car


In today’s times, when the cases of theft or road accidents is increasing day by day, as a vehicle owner it becomes really important to take safety measures for your car to ensure safety and protection of your vehicle. Though there are various ways like auto lock systems that are already present to protect your vehicle from theft still there is no respite in the number of stolen vehicle cases. Therefore, in order to cater to demands of such people, there are vehicle tracking systems in place that adds to the safety of your vehicle.

What is a Vehicle Tracking system?

Vehicle trackingsystem consists of a device that is placed in your vehicle, truck or RV. This device is further connected to tracking software that gives alerts in case your car is stolen. This is the main purpose of a vehicle tracking system. However there are other benefits as well if you install this car tracking system:-

  • If your vehicle is stolen, locating it is not a problem anymore. In fact this is the most obvious feature of a car tracking system. It gives you enough time to track your vehicle in case it has been stolen before more damage is done to your vehicle. Looking at this feature and the advantages of installing this tool in your car has made insurance companies offer discounts on auto insurance by 10% - 15%.
  • Not only for a single car owner, but for people who are in the business of fleet management they are reaping benefits out of this valuable tool. In case any of your drivers are driving erratic, this tool will send alerts to the fleet manager and they can take immediate action. Also, if your vehicle is stolen and the thief is trying to escape from an area, it will provide you with the location of the vehicle, which can be very beneficial in catching the thief. Some tracking systems also have a camera installed on the dashboard of the vehicle to identify the driver.


  • The vehicle tracking software helps in recording driving data of a vehicle. For instance, record the driving speed, rapid acceleration, over speeding, over taking etc. It has become a useful tool in improving the driver driving habits.
  • Apart from tracking of vehicle and recording data, the tracking system is also efficient in lowering the amount of fuel consumption. Since the software will provide you with the fastest and the most direct routes to your destination, you can get big savings on fuel consumption. Also, if you are new to the area and you are not aware of the routes, the GPS device installed in your vehicle will provide you with routes that will help you to reach your destination and also provides alerts for detours in case of any accidents or traffic jams.

This one tool has indeed changed the life of many car owners. The kind of benefits this system provides to its owners, it has really become beneficial in improving the safety of your employees and vehicles.


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Lynsco fleet was formed in 2009 and has grown to be one of the largest vehicle installations companies in Ireland. With more than thirty engineers we provide any install at anytime anywhere throughout Ireland.


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Our entire team of engineers at Trackmatic are trained and approved. As field engineers for vehicle tracking systems we are approved by both insurance companies and leading tracking companies to install any vehicle tracker.


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Phone hands free kits are not just viewed as a luxury item anymore they are now a legal requirement and can help your drivers become more efficient and safer. Lynsco fleet is one of the largest suppliers

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