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Our Good software builds great businesses


Vehicle tracking software is the here and now which in turn makes vehicles better, smarter and fit them with up to the minute software that can offer real-time reports of the vehicle. By just spending a few euros more, you can get real power in your hands through this software that is being talked about in the papers and the internet. Vehicle companies across the globe are in the process of making smart cars that will have software with thousands of lines of code written in order to offer vehicle tracking and vehicle CCTV functionalities but there is still time before these cars are rolled out in the market.

When good technology meets good pricing
Right now vehicle tracking software is being sold off the shelf through the online route which is perhaps the best way to introduce a product in the market. There are no dealers or sub dealers in the process and users get the best price of the product while the software seller can retain their margins. It’s a win-win situation wherein good technology meets its alter ego in good pricing and marketing making the product a must have in the Irish market. Same day deliveries happen and installation support is offered by phone, email, and video-conferencing and in some cases through personal visits by technicians.

Good things come in small packages
You will realise what you have being missing out in when you receive this software package in your hand with an installation CD.  It’s a plug and play software that is very easy to install and configure. And the insights it offers are amazing. You will get to know the number of miles your vehicle has done, amount of fuel consumed, condition of the engine, whether vehicle servicing is due, whether the driver has had adequate rest before embarking on the next journey? These are small issues but they could escalate into major issues and cause vehicle breakdowns. Preventive maintenance is much better than breakdown maintenance and this vehicle tracking software can be applied on your entire fleet including cars, buses, truck, boats, giving you a complete 360 degree control over the process that will give you peace of mind, higher efficiency and higher profits in the process.

 It’s all about process improvements
People who know businesses inside out will tell you that the quality of manpower in all logistic companies is more or less the same, people work in more or less the same way and are trained from scratch in more or less the same way. What really makes the difference between success and failure are the small incremental improvements in processes that prove to be the deciding factor between success and failure. This vehicle tracking software is one such element that can prove to be indispensable for businesses and can actually stop any money loss issues through better driving and knowing where their vehicles are at all times and in general improve the morale of the employees as they know that they now have the power of technology by their side.


Nationwide Installation

Lynsco fleet was formed in 2009 and has grown to be one of the largest vehicle installations companies in Ireland. With more than thirty engineers we provide any install at anytime anywhere throughout Ireland.


Vehicle Tracking Systems

Our entire team of engineers at Trackmatic are trained and approved. As field engineers for vehicle tracking systems we are approved by both insurance companies and leading tracking companies to install any vehicle tracker.


Handsfree Phone Kits

Phone hands free kits are not just viewed as a luxury item anymore they are now a legal requirement and can help your drivers become more efficient and safer. Lynsco fleet is one of the largest suppliers

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