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Benefits of Vehicle Tracking Installations


For business owners, having even one car or truck stolen may make their business to lose a lot of money in revenue. Vehicle tracking installation is highly essential for car rental agentsas they can easily know the arrival time of their vehicle, the route it’s travelling and saves onfuel and time. On the whole, you can keep updated with your vehicles and drivers. You can also keep an eye on your driver’sbehavior, prevent theft and even the amount of time your employee takesbreaks. Having all these records helps a vehicle owner to best manage their fleet business.

Today’s generation often think about a GPS system to get the right directions and find stolen vehicles etc. For a business with a fleet of vehicles, a GPS vehicle tracking system will increase productivity once used to its full capability. Whatever kind of fleet vehicles you own, there are several ways a GPS vehicle tracking system can increase productivity of both vehicles and drivers. Also a GPS tracking system can help you increase productivity in many areas and often show a good return on investment.

Currently, demand and use of Real Time Tracking is highly important particularly if any members of the fleet encounter problems. The system helps in sending instant help which often reduces all sort of loss. In a fleet business, such tracking devices also improves customer service.

Vehicle tracking systems can be easily installed in your car, van or truck and most importantly, they make use of simple mobile networks to have easy connectivity to the vehicle’s location to the server. Three vital components that you need for vehicle tracking installations include tracking unit hardware, tracking unit software and tracking server.

  1. Tracking Unit Hardware – It is a kind of physical box which is installed in the vehicle with a GPS, GSM and communication abilities
  2. Tracking Unit Software - This software easily operates the physical hardware of your vehicle.
  3. Tracking Server – This helps to receive and store all the tracked information to one central location. Professionals installing such devices install it in a way that all the information can be easily posted on a map for hassle-free viewing and fleet management.

Installing a fleet management system is a wise decision to implement. Consider it as a reliable centralised system would help in easy accessing from anywhere. Installing a renowned vehicle tracking system is significant in storing data in acentralisedway. The system stores all types of data like repair and maintenance records, documents, tax records, history records, routes and direction and more. Also the user can easily retrieve data from anywhere and anytime in its absence.

The fleet managers can now skip its maintenance schedule or other vital updates because the system now can send alerts and reminders for vehicle servicing and repair and can even trace your driver behavior and dates of vehicle travelling. Fleet companies are often concerned about the safety and security of their vehicles and drivers;installation of vehicle tracking system takes all their worries away.


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Lynsco fleet was formed in 2009 and has grown to be one of the largest vehicle installations companies in Ireland. With more than thirty engineers we provide any install at anytime anywhere throughout Ireland.


Vehicle Tracking Systems

Our entire team of engineers at Trackmatic are trained and approved. As field engineers for vehicle tracking systems we are approved by both insurance companies and leading tracking companies to install any vehicle tracker.


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Phone hands free kits are not just viewed as a luxury item anymore they are now a legal requirement and can help your drivers become more efficient and safer. Lynsco fleet is one of the largest suppliers

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